Rocco Taco is the home of dog blogger and lifehacker Rocco Cardenas, where he shares his infinite wisdom on how to live your life better.  Is your tongue feeling dull and dead?  Are you not doing enough for dogkind (or humankind) and what to change your ways?  Have you figured out the best way to straddle a couch?  If not, Rocco can help with all that and more.  Just visit the front page for all the newest posts or check out the archive for the good ole gems.

About the Author

Rocco CardenasRocco Cardenas was named for his predecessor, a dead cat also called Rocco Cardenas.  He’s since taken the family name to new heights.  While originally a resident of Inglewood at the home of the greater Cardenas family, he relocated to North Hollywood to stay, permanently, with his new owner Richard Cardenas.

Richard and Rocco became great friends, though Rocco suffered from extreme anxiety and temporary bouts of depression.  Soon he began to express his worries by excreting bodily fluids and other matter.  For years Rocco saw no hope, but after moving homes with Richard several times he knew he must confront his fears to live a life of value and purpose.

As a result, Rocco moved into a crate inside of his current residence to gain perspective.  He’d meditate for many hours over his troubles, while waiting for Richard to return home from work.  After frequent crate-induced meditative states, Rocco emerged without the urge to urinate or defecate indoors.

Rocco’s new found solace lead him to explore the many ways of Lifehacker.  He studied under the tutiledge of veteran Lifehacker Adam Dachis, more than doubling his vocabulary from 10 words to 24, and learning to do nearly everything better.  As a result, this blog was born.  You can find many great life hacks for humans, but what of the dog?  Rocco decided to change all of that and founded this stunning web site: Rocco Taco.

He will change your life.  You’re welcome.


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