Rocco Is #Blessed

Did you know you can do good in the world?  Like Mother Teresa, Rocco is the epitome of altruism.

Some good deeds Rocco has done include…

  • Not pooping on the floor.
  • Licking himself instead of the couch (sometimes).
  • Loving people (except the vast majority of men, initially).
  • Teaching disadvantaged seniors how to crochet.
  • Giving free kisses.
  • Wagging his tail.
  • Being nice to some neighborhood dogs even though they’re often assholes.
  • Writing a novel about happiness.
  • Cultivating a farm for poor children who don’t have food.
  • Blinking.

The list doesn’t stop there!  Rocco does it all because he knows every opportunity in life is an opportunity to care.  You can, too, if you adopt his attitude for a better world.